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Digitisation of Consumer Products: The Story of Almond

Almond, powered by EVRYTHNG. Watch this video and see how Almond’s new drink brand ‘FACT’ is digitised on EVRYTHNG’s platform to meet customer’s growing thirst for knowledge about the products they are buying.

Kendo: Loading the Labels

  1. Peel the end open
  2. Slide the latch from both sides, open the bottom cover
  3. Open the label cover and set the label roll (tip: curve edges to stiffen the strip)
  4. Insert the curved strip, close the label cover, then the bottom cover (tip: peel off 5-6 labels to insert easier)
  5.  Insert strip into slit above the ‘LABEL’ arrow, squeeze the handle several times, until the slack is gone (tip: print may misalign for the first few labels)

Changing the Kendo label roller

  1. Open the top label cover, press on the two lower black buttons
  2.  Open the bottom cartridge holder (curve the edges of labels to stiffen the strip)
  3. Put the labels through from the bottom and place the roll in the bobbin
  4. Close top cover with an excess of at least 10 cm of labels, then close the bottom cover
  5. Squeeze the handle down while running the labels through the back slot
  6. Pull the handle to block the roll teeth while you insert the labels
  7. Squeeze the handle several times to pull the labels through and remove visible labels from the band

It’s this easy to label with the SATO Promo Touch