Sato RFID printers

On-demand high-speed digital printing for smart labels

RFID offers the data storage capacities, high identification speeds, and greater immediacy and accuracy of data collection that you need for printing smart labels.

How does RFID work?

RFID readers control the wireless reading and writing of information stored on an RFID tag by generating a radio frequency field around the antenna. The RF field gives the tag power (if passive tag), and a way to transfer data from the tag to the reader. The tag modulates the reader’s RF field, and the reader can detect this. Likewise, the reader turns the RF field on and off in the right sequence in order to write the tag.

Real-time personalisation with transponder embedded in label

SATO’s RFID high-speed, digital, on-demand printing solution offers real-time personalisation. With RFID printers you can read, write and print your “Smart” labels. As well as printing a visual image, text or barcode on the label surface, the RFID printer reads and writes on the thin transponder, embedded in the label.

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