AUTHENTICATE: Protect brand trust, increase earnings and preempt supply chain integrity problems

AUTHENTICATE provides integrity enforcement in factory and visibility throughout the lifecycle with real-time tracking dashboards, alerts, authentication apps and crowdsourced consumer data.

Using the power of data science intelligence for rapid response to integrity problems

AUTHENTICATE applies real time intelligence to data from your products as they move through the supply chain and from consumers as they engage with your products using their smartphones.

How the EVRYTHNG AUTHENTICATE solution works

Say goodbye to costly proprietary materials technologies on your products and data silos across your enterprise.


Each unique item is activated in factory with a serialized digital identity and authenticated.


Dashboards and integration of traceability data, data from consumer engagements and field personnel.

Real-time Intelligence

Machine learning and software rules applied in real-time, with analytics and alerts to inform brands of issues.


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Detect counterfeit and backdoor goods, and gray market activity, with instant verification of products in market.

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Recover lost revenues and save costs in enforcement with fast item-level visibility from factory to consumer and beyond.

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Mobilise your consumers to authenticate and track products in field, building brand trust and loyalty.

Authenticate your products with the most high-tech brand protection solution

In the battle against counterfeiting and parallel trade, authenticate your products with the most high-tech brand protection solution available to shift the odds in your favour.  With this solution, your consumers become part of the authentication process, connecting you with your products via their smartphones. Your consumers register their individual purchase and positively impact your fight against product tampering, counterfeiting, and parallel trading.

Make your consumers part of the process

When your consumers are part of the authentication process, they simultaneously perform thousands of product authenticity checks. In effect, crowd sourcing real-time data about the location, time and usage of your uniquely identified and serialized items. 

Real-time alerts with exact locations of scanned products

With the Authenticate Solution, you will be able to tell if products are scanned outside their destination markets, indicative of product tampering. Real-time alerts will be triggered if there is indication of duplicated products – indicated by multiple scans of the same code by different individuals in different locations. Exact locations of products scanned outside their destinations are pinpointed when they are scanned.

Want to start tracking and protecting your products, brand and revenue?

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Want to start tracking and protecting your products, brand and revenue?

Just ask our experts.

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