ACTIVATE: Deliver dynamic digital services with trusted digital identities and product information

ACTIVATE provides a complete toolset to manage digitised products at scale: analytics dashboards, application and security management, data integration and sharing with enterprise systems and blockchains.

Unified product data and serial identity management in the cloud

ACTIVATE applies data structure, interoperability and continuous real-time intelligence to physical products.

How the EVRYTHNG ACTIVATE solution works

Unique product items connect to the web with an Active Digital Identity™ using GS1 standards and any label or tag type.

Digital Identity Provisioning

Bulk-creation of serialized identities with the GS1 Digital Link, integrated with factory and printing processes, for BornDigital™ products.


Dashboards and alerts for tracking products throughout the lifecycle, from factory creation to consumer engagement.

Data Integration and Sharing

APIs and tools to import, integrate and share traceability data from blockchains, enterprise and manufacturing systems.


Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 14.46.22
Works with any type of product packaging, codes or tags and uses your existing GS1 identifiers.
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Eradicates data fragmentation by aggregating and managing serialized product information in one place.
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Connects products into the wider digital ecosystem to drive supply chain integrity and direct-to-consumer applications.

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