AMPLIFY: Build direct customer relationships and acquire first party customer data

The EVRYTHNG AMPLIFY solution transforms your products into a direct engagement channel with rapid application creation tools, analytics dashboards and integrations to CRM and marketing systems.

Your products are your direct channel to connect with your customers

With EVRYTHNG’s AMPLIFY solution, brands can grow customer lifetime value by enhancing physical products with digital services, such as product provenance, registration, rewards and direct ecommerce, accessed by a simple smartphone scan.

How the AMPLIFY solution works


Consumers scan a product identity on the label, package or tag from their smartphone, no apps required.


Dynamic experiences delivered from the digital identity in the cloud, such as product information, offers, loyalty, authentication and more.


Capture first party data, leverage our analytics and marketing data integration tools and connect directly with your CRM.


Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 14.46.22
Grow customer loyalty by making every item ‘always-on’ and enhanced with digital content and experiences.
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Gain real-world insights into who is buying and using your products, when and where.
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Capture real-time performance measurements and feedback from consumers interacting with your products.

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