Meet Our Team

Kjell Adstedt, CEO

Industry Experience, Worldwide Reach
Kjell Adstedt, founder & CEO of TagAlong A/S, brings invaluable industry experience to the table.  From his long tenure as General Manager of Dennison Fastener A/S, he has the inside scoop on manufacturing, sales and operations for the EMEA region.

International Contacts at the Executive and Owner levels
Extensive experience in general management, global IT development, incorporation, brand management, distribution, and sales & marketing in the fields of globally distributed products (B2B & B2C) means that Kjell works with global contact points in numerous industries at the executive and owner levels.

International Management Expertise
Kjell got his start as an international management consultant – consulting in global M&A, management appraisal and executive search, marketing, and worldwide distribution. He has general management experience in everything from SaaS to windsurfing boards, commercial kitchens and plastic fasteners.

International Relationships with Entrepreneurial Focus
Kjell actively works with private equity firms, fund managers, and companies to develop business and investments. Since 2009, Kjell has worked as an advisor in the global private equity industry. He is involved in several cross-border mandates and projects, where he uses his global business experience and international relationships within many industries to help entrepreneurial clients develop their businesses.

Kjell speaks 5 languages and holds a Business Economics degree from the University of Lund, Sweden.

Charlotte Bindslev, Chairman

Northern European Retail Expertise
Chairman Charlotte Bindslev is the tour de force behind Tag Along. Her experience in the product marking and identification industry means that she has the capability for providing industry-specific knowledge that can hardly be matched.

Oversight and Growth in B2B
As a former 18-year Branch Manager responsible for Northern Europe at ITD Denmark, she is experienced at managing and growing operations with B2B customers (retail shops, industry customers and distributors).

International Perspective in Product Marking & Identification
Charlotte gained her international perspective to the industry early on as the Product Manager at Dennison Fastener A/S, a division of Dennison Manufacturing Company. At Dennison Fastener, she was instrumental to the success of the company, covering a large geographical area with distributors in 50+ countries. Charlotte then went to ITD Group, where she served as Marketing Manager at the Milan, Italy, headquarters.

Vital Industry Connections & Knowledge
Charlotte’s career, in-depth knowledge and the support from many friends and contacts in the industry has been vital to the formation and success of our team at TagAlong A/S. In late 2015, Charlotte unfortunately became severely ill and ever since has been determinedly working back to her old form. Even while she is on sick leave, she remains the role model for the company.

Heart of Tag Along
Charlotte speaks 5 languages and after having lived in Germany, Kuwait, Dubai and Italy, she settled back in Denmark where she continued her professional career in the product marking and identification business that made it possible to start Tag Along.

Jens Stilling, President & COO

Focus the Retail Industry
Jens is the co-founder & CEO of MPS Nordic which specialises in shrinkage reduction, CCTV, price labeling and merchandising solutions. MPS Nordic (2016) has global and national customers within the Retailers and the Retail Industry.

Industry Leader for Managing Mergers, Turnarounds, and Franchises
Jens is the co-founder of Smart Eye DK (2013) and before that established Nordic Retail (2011), taking over the Checkpoint & METO business on a franchise basis in Denmark and Sweden. At METO GmbH in Germany (2005), he was responsible for European Sales and as VP global for METO (2007) he stopped declining revenue and built new business. Jens turned around Checkpoint Systems Danmark as CEO (2001) after a merger between METO and Checkpoint.

History of Retail IT Solutions
Since 1984, Jens has been supplying IT solutions to Danish and European retailers. He has been responsible for development of POS applications, payment solutions and handheld terminal applications together with network infrastructure. From his beginning at National Cash Register with sales to Local- and NGO’s, to IT Director of Nord Data A/S – a Dagrofa IT company in Hilleroed, to CEO for Nord Data Detail A/S (NDD) which served all Dagrofa customers in Denmark and Axfood customers in Sweden.

Jens has a master from the Royal Danish Airforce Academy in 1974, a Bachelor in marketing and finance from Lyngby Business School. Jens has participated in the Checkpoint University, the Mahler Company and the Chrestcom International Executive training. Jens is living in north Zealand

Annika Adstedt
Manager of Social Media

Social Media with a Fresh Approach
Annika Adstedt develops Tagalong’s content on our social media platforms and blogs, adding youth and a pair of fresh eyes to the team. She attends Colgate University in New York State and will graduate with a degree in economics in 2019. In addition to her studies, Annika has held web content and web development internships with Zulily, the mining company Rio Tinto, and the Global Environment Fund. The latter two are both based in Washington DC. Annika is a cutting-edge interactor and content developer in the areas of social media, video and music. At Tag Along, her aim is to make significant contributions to the company’s active presence in these important areas.

Accounting, Administration & Inventory Control Team
Økomatch ApS

Stable and Secured Growth
Økomatch ApS and their team contribute core administrative and bookkeeping functions for Tag Along. Bodil Retbøll, Managing Partner of Økomatch, and Ditte Kjeldsen, part of the Økomatch senior team, have worked with TagAlong’s cloud-based administrative system since its inception in the early 2000’s. They are both highly experienced in general accounting, bookkeeping and inventory control. They provide invaluable day-to-day help, address immediate problems, and help with larger accounting and inventory control tasks as part of their role facilitating stable and secured growth for our exciting business.

Warehouse & Logistics
LogistiCompany AB

European warehousing and logistics services
LogistiCompany AB provides Tag Along’s core European warehousing and logistics services. It handles in-bound freight, all order handling and order picking, as well as all outbound shipping. Founded by highly experienced industry professionals, LogistiCompany AB is led by Lars Dehlin as CEO and Peter Forsberg as head of Sales. Jens Anderson and Vincenzo Carlsson work directly with our team to make things happen and their skills, efforts and services are impressive.