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We can help you reduce your current loss levels, regardless the source, as well as prevent future losses. According to our experience, a merchandise-protection plan can help your company to reduce losses by up to 50%.

Since 2001, we have helped numerous clients reduce loss. Regardless which kind of business you have, it is important to evaluate the possibility of incurring losses. With the right loss-prevention plan in place, your company can realize increased revenues that contribute positively to your bottom line.

Reducing loss and theft, particularly in the retail branch, has always been a challenge for those in leadership, but today, theft rings are more organised than ever. For instance, in Northern Europe organised theft has been buoyed by open-border policies, like the Schengen agreement, which allow organised crime units to flourish and infiltrate the market from other parts of Europe. 

RF, AF, and RFID loss-prevention solutions

We offer the most high-tech and discreet loss prevention solutions on the market. Whether Radio Frequency (RF) or Acoustic Magnetic (AM), we provide the electronic loss prevention solutions that integrate seamlessly in your boutique so that you don’t need to make compromises with your interior design.


RF is the most widespread loss-prevention technology and is used for flat labels. This technology can easily be integrated with a product’s branding label.


Use our AM loss-prevention solutions for clothing, electronics, metal, and liquid products. These solutions are the second most prolific option, globally.


RFID tags are are ’smart’ tags you can use  to track and identify every single item, package, or shipment – and give info about price, material, size, origin, and more.

Loss-prevention tailored for your needs

Interested in finding out more about what loss prevention can do for your business? Just ask our experts. We can help you get a loss-prevention plan that protects your merchandise and  increases your bottom line.

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