Tagging Guns, Pins, & Hang Tags

TagAlong offers a wide range of tagging guns, tag pins and hang tags suitable for all needs and materials – both for the professional user and for those who only mark a few products per day. Since we work with globally leading suppliers, the latest tool designs and highly efficient production, you are guaranteed superior quality.

Tagging Guns – Professional

TagAlong offers tagging guns suitable for all types of tag pins, including for standard fabrics, fine fabrics and special applications. These tagging guns work great in distribution centers and industries with large tagging volumes. Available in variety of models.

Tagging Guns – Entry & Mid Range

TagAlong offers a wide assortment of the most popular tagging guns from value-priced entry and mid range to professional models with large tagging volumes that are suitable for distribution centers and industries. We have the tag pins you need for these guns – suitable standard textiles, fine fabrics and special uses.

The TagAlong Express tagging gun is our value-priced, specially designed and developed tagging gun for all types of standard tag pins.

Starter Set for Standard Tagging

A starter set from TagAlong Express with a tagging gun, a complete box of standard tag pins, an extra kit of replacement needles and a roll of 1,000 hang tags in carton. Perfect for the smaller shop to start product marking and tagging.

Industrial Tagging Solutions

TagAlong partners with Tagson to provide high-quality industrial pnuematic tagging machines capable of tagging cardboard or textiles like cloth, microfiber, and doormats.

Extensive selection of needles for tagging guns

TagAlong carries the market’s widest range of high-quality, metal needles for tagging guns – produced in Europe. The needles are suitable for different types of tag pins – from standard, extra-thin and extra-long to heavy duty. We have replacement needles in all materials, including with plastic shank, in full steel and in stainless steel. We stock needles for both Mark I and Mark II tagging guns.

Hang Tags

TagAlong offers a wide selection of tickets and tags in different materials, which work with tag pins and loop fasteners. We have standard and manila carton tags of different varieties and durability to suit the whole range of applications – from indoor to extra reinforced all-weather tags for outdoor and heavy-duty needs.

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