Marking Products

Self adhesive labels are used for marking on a product. The information is printed on labels, which are available in a variety of adhesive strengths.

Depending on the type of material you are labeling as well as the frequency and volume of your product labeling, there are several different solutions that make the process easy and cost efficient – and most importantly help avoid hidden costs and problems in your supply chain.

Tagalong offers an extensive range of price-marking hand labelers from market-leading manufacturers and a wide variety of labels for all types of marking. For example, our Tagalong Magic labels look like most other labels, but they have a unique feature that makes them completely water soluble. Because we work with world leading suppliers, you are guaranteed superior quality.

SATO Promo Touch Label Dispenser Program

Hand labelers for large labeling projects or industrial scale.

SATO Promo Touch
Use for labels up to 31mm x 25mm. Almost any shape of label can be applied with this labeler. The PROMO TOUCH makes applying pre-printed, die-cut labels easy. It features a quick-release orange PUSH button and easy-to-load interchangeable cassette for quick roll changing. A full program of various discount and message labels is also available in the size 31mm x 23mm (in white and color). The labels are available with permanent glue/security cut and with removable glue.

See the SATO Promo Touch in action here.

SATO Hand Labelers

Cost-effective, reliable hand labelers for your daily price marking needs.
Sato Kendo
A light and flexible hand labeler with one-line product marking – 6, 8 or 10 digits/symbols. Kendo 22 is for 22x12mm labels and Kendo 26 is for 26x12mm labels.
Sato Judo
A light, multi-use hand labeler with two-line product marking – 10/6, 10/8 or 10/10 digits/symbols for 26x16mm labels.Sato Judo is also available with XL digits/symbols. It is also available with the ability to show select messages on the upper line and digits/symbols on the lower line.
Sato Kendo starter set
A starter set with a Sato Kendo one-line hand labeler. Includes label rolls and extra ink rollers.
Sato Judo starter set
A starter set with a Sato Judo two-line hand labeler. Includes label rolls and extra ink rollers.

Contact Hand Labelers

Contact hand labelers are great for large labeling projects and perfect for industrial-scale, heavy duty use. A range of one, two and three-line hand labelers for popular label sizes with varying options for digits and symbols. Contact also offers hand labelers with message clichés, and also a special version to apply Ø13mm round labels.

Labels for Hand Labelers

TagAlong has an extensive selection of labels in stock for hand labelers. All standard sizes used (22×12 mm, 26×12 mm, 26×16 mm, 32×19 mm, 29×28 mm) with options like permanent glue or removeable glue and several colours to choose from.

Water Soluble & Adhesive Labels

Water Soluble Labels
TagAlong Magic is a unique product that vanishes completely in running water or in the dishwasher. Paper and glue – everything is easily removed. It’s magic! The perfect solution for labeling of reusable containers in the food industry, laboratories, restaurants, eldercare, hospitals, grocery stores, distribution, breweries, the beverage industry, and more.

These white, water-soluble labels work with your laser and inkjet printer and are conveniently packaged and available in a variety of sizes:

  • A4 label sheets for laser and inkjet printers. Available in 7 sizes.
  • Label rolls for hand labelers. Available in 2 sizes.
  • Label rolls for handwriting and label printers. Available in 3 sizes.

Adhesive Labels
Labels for inkjet and laser printers, distributed in packs of 100 sheets. A perfect office supply for applications including address labels for mail or packages.

Interested in talking with us about the right hand labelers for daily price marking, large labeling projects of industrial scale or small-scale projects? Just ask an expert!

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