Drive applications, gain supply chain visibility, and engage with consumers.

For your IoT needs, we partner with EVRYTHNG – the market leading IoT SaaS platform for connecting consumer products to the web and managing real-time data to drive applications and analytics throughout the product lifecycle. The world’s leading consumer product manufacturers work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of intelligent identities in the cloud for their products.

This IoT platform articulates data with real-time insights for all your billions of things –helping you to unlock your digital potential. With the EVRYTHNG platform, you’ll get solutions to protect your brands, amplify consumer engagement, and activate your brands with connected devices.

In short, it is one platform with many possibilities.

Combine the EVRYTHNG platform with marking devices

The EVRYTHNG platform provides a suite of solutions to drive new digital applications, better control your supply chain, and engage directly with your customers. 

The broad range of digital marking devices on offer – like NFC tags, printed electronics, or sensor labels – allows you to take advantage of the latest in smartphone technology. Once you have chosen the right digital devices and have the IoT platform in place, you can digitally activate your products and launch sophisticated consumer engagements. Make your data, marketing, engagements and supply chain more effective.

Market-leading IoT SaaS platform for consumer products

The results-oriented solution for:

  • Successful Market Launches
  • Unlocking the Value of Data – unprecedented real-time product data from the field which they can use to improve products in the future and improve customer support real time
  • Direct online engagement with end users
  • Activate every product with a digital identity

Why select EVRYTHNG

  • Integrated with packaging providers for fast, easy deployment
  • Supports different tags, sensors or codes with the same product
  • Real-time IoT SaaS platform for consumer products with dynamic scalability to meet SLA performance KPIs
  • Encrypted data managment compliant with GDPR and regional requirements
  • Security tested and continuously monitored for integrity and availability

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