Marking around a product (LOOP)

    When you need to attach product information around a product, or around a part of the product, the best solution is often to use a loop fastener. The loop is attached around the product and may include a hang tag with information.

    Depending on the type of product you are marking as well as the frequency and volume of your product marking, there are several different solutions that make the process easy and cost efficient – and most importantly help avoid hidden costs and problems in your supply chain.

    TagAlong offers Europe’s widest selection of loop fasteners. The range includes cost-effective and simple-to-use models, exclusive and elegant loop fasteners, as well as loop fasteners that are environmentally friendly and employ natural materials.

    Loop Fasteners One-way

    TagAlong offers a Secur-a-tach type loop fastener with a one-way lock for inexpensive and practical tagging of products.

    Colors: Natural

    Available in sizes:

    75 mm

    125 mm

    225 mm

    Loop Fasteners – Two-ways

    TagAlong offers an Ambi-Tach style Easyloc loop fastener with a two-way lock for quick and efficient tagging of hang tag type products.

    Colors: Natural and black

    Available in sizes:

    75 mm

    125 mm

    225 mm

    Loop Fasteners, Heavy Duty

    TagAlong offers a Secur-a-tie type one-way loop fastener for tagging products that have a higher security demand. The main type is made of high-tensile strength nylon.

    Colors: Black and natural

    Available in the size:

    125 mm

    Banok’s V-Lox Loop Fasteners

    Two-way lock loop fasteners with a V. TagAlong offers Banok’s V-Lox type of two-way lock loop fasteners for quick and effective tagging of products. The V-shape ensures that your tags are presented with the right side facing forward when the products are on display.

    Colors: Natural and black

    Available in sizes:

    80 mm natural

    130 mm natural and black

    170 mm natural

    Tagalong Express String Loop Fasteners

    TagAlong presents a new and innovative String Loop Fastener with a two-way lock, which looks like a string. This product offers a new, natural and elegant presentation of the tag, and it is also easy to apply and cost effective due to the two-way lock. A more luxurious solution for holding your product tags nicely and safely in place.

    Colors: White and black

    Available in the sizes:

    125 mm

    200 mm

    Banok mini ItoLox Loop Fasteners

    A short loop fastener that looks like a string with a one-way lock. An elegant tag for smaller products, for example eyewear and jewelry.

    Colors: Black and grey

    Available in the sizes: 60 mm

    Banok ItoLox R String Loop Fasteners

    Natural loop fasteners that look like a string. An elegant one-way lock closure to tag exclusive products. Exceptional product for your tagging needs.

    Colors: White, Black, Beige, Grey, Cotton Beige and Natural Hemp

    Available in the sizes:

    120 mm

    200 mm

    Banok Futo ItoLox String Loop Fasteners

    A sturdier, thicker version of the Ito-Lox R string loop fastener that looks like a string. An elegant one-way lock closure with the look to tag exclusive products.

    Colors: White and Black

    Available in the size: 200 mm

    Banok Kami ItoLox ecological string loop fasteners

    String loop fasteners manufactured in paper and biodegradable plastic. A natural, strong and exclusive string loop with a two-way lock, to hold your tagged product information securely in place.

    Color: Natural beige

    Available in the sizes:

    120 mm

    200 mm

    V-Fastener Secure Loop Fastener with V-Tool

    The V-Fastener Secure Loop with the V-Tool is an effective solution for attaching many hang tags to products in distribution or production. With the help of the V-Tool you can attach the tag and a loop fastener with a simply pull of the trigger.

    Each clip has 50 loop fasteners which are 125 mm long each.

    Fas-Ito String Loop Fasteners for FasBano’k Automated Looping Gun

    Fas-Ito’s unique string loop fastener, together with the FasBano’k Automated Looping Gun, is an effective and elegant solution for attaching your high-end hang tags to products in the store, distribution centers or production. With the help of the FasBano’k looping gun, you can easily attach the tag and a natural string loop fastener onto the product with a simple pull of the trigger.

    Colors: Natural, black and cotton beige.

    Each clip has 50 string loop fasteners available in 120 and 200 mm.

    Bundle ties

    TagAlong offers an extensive range of bundle ties, primarily in nylon. Uses include bundling, tying and marking as well as holding things together, such as with cable ties.

    Our assortment includes several types and sizes:

    Standard and special application bundle ties, re-openable, with tooth lock in stainless steel, ties with identification tags, and tamper seals.

    Colors: natural, black, red and yellow (tamper seals)

    Bundle Ties, Assortment Buckets

    Available in three types:

    Bucket with 1200 bundle ties, assorted sizes in natural and black.

    Bucket with 800 bundle ties, assorted sizes in natural and black.

    Bucket with 800 bundle ties, assorted sizes in four colors: red, blue, green, yellow.

    Tags and Tickets

    TagAlong offers a wide selection of tickets and tags in different materials and which works with tag pins and loop fasteners.

    • Standard carton tags
    • Carton tags on A4 sheets for laser and inkjet printers
    • Carton tags with strings to tie onto products
    • Carton tags especially suitable for tag pins
    • Manila tags with reinforced hole for applications demanding extra strength
    • Manila weather proof tags with metal reinforced hole and copper string for extra safety outdoor